Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Busy Blessings

It's been about a month since I've written anything and wanted to update my blog with pictures and tell how things are going with me. After a very slow summer (a much needed rest), I am in full swing again at work and with the candle business. My job is going great, and I do believe this will be my best school year yet. I have some wonderful families in my program and miss all the children. I am ready to begin my weekly activities with them next week and start home visits again soon.

I have taken too much time relaxing the last two weeks and haven't made any candles. God blessed me today with an order for 100 candles by October 1st! This is a from a guy that I've known for 9 yrs who faithfully sprays (pest control) my home and has his own business. Last year he bought 30 of them from me to give to widow ladies that are his clients for Christmas. He said God has blessed his business, and he wants to give something back. All I can say is thank you Lord! I have also booked 5 craft shows between Sept. - Nov., and plan to book at least 2 more (they haven't advertised yet, but I did them last year.) I still have candles in the 3 shops also that should do well over the holidays. I give God all the praise and honour for blessing my business.

For all of my friends reading this that go to church with me, if you see me just sitting there on Wednesday nights and not mingling, you'll understand why - I'll probably be totally exhausted. It is a fun busy though, and those that know me well understand I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd rather be too busy than too idle.

Now for some pictures of my little world and some new things not on my website.

This picture is a candle I made for a friend today. This is what they look like when they are just poured before the cooling process. It is a 16 oz candle that sells for $15.99. These are not in the stores yet because they take more wax. I sell them to my regular customers that are already hooked on my candles.

This is a picture of the my 6 oz candles that I have in stock at the moment. Since I don't use any artificial dyes in my wax, I buy frosted jars for the holidays and the customers that want some color. These are not on my website yet. They sell for $5.99 each.

These are 4 oz tins that I just made recently for a special customer. I plan to try these out in one of the stores and at the craft shows. Since every customer is different, I'm going to test the market on these and see if it's something that will sell.