Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

I wanted to take time to write again since it's been awhile. I am well rested and not near as frazzled as my last post. I am on my break from school for the next 2 weeks- hooray! I had an extremely busy week last week trying to finish up last minute things at work, and on top of that I got a new kitten for our sons and took care of him for 2 days. It was a lot of fun, but busy.
I spent all day Saturday catching up my books for the business, and I'm excited about how it's growing. My Christmas gift this year will be a new computer to be used for the business. This will eliminate some frustrating times between Hubby & I too. When I need to print labels, update inventory, order supplies or just spend hours on the blog it won't be a problem. Just kidding. I have to admit I'm the computer hog in our household.
I have alot of work ahead the next two weeks because I plan to paint our office and reorganize the closets. I hate to admit I'm a packrat, and things tend to just collect. The only time I can take on major projects like this is during my holiday break.
I am all ready for Christmas now. My parents are coming in tomorrow night and will be here for the rest of the week. We will spend time with my mother-in-law too. This year we are doing a "redneck" gift exchange. We did this 2 yrs ago, and it was hilarious. We each buy 10 items that cost $1 each and wrap them in newspaper. Each person chooses 10 things, each taking turns picking one at a time. Then we all open them and all try to barter our gifts at the same time. It is the funniest thing and can get a little crazy. We have also bought real gifts for each other - of course all of my family members will be getting candles :) For the exchange, I try to buy things that are useful like scissors, batteries, highlighters, chocolate covered cherries, thin mints, etc. The Dollar Tree is an excellent place to shop.
I am also looking forward to having fun with friends next week and have made some plans already. If I don't post again before Christmas, Merry Christmas everyone and check back for what's new in 2009! We are planning a totally new line of the business. More on that later.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Craziness

I haven't had a chance to post anything the last two weeks because I had two craft show weekends right after Thanksgiving. Sales have picked up in the stores too, so I have been busy making candles some evenings. I truly don't know if I am coming or going these days. Wednesday is the normal day I meet with my parents at the school, but because it was pouring down rain and I work in a portable building I had to switch days. We met yesterday instead. That totally messed me up because I had visits scheduled and had to rearrange my schedule. I was so confused yesterday and actually overbooked my visits. Another example of my forgetfulness or confusion happened this morning. I had the feeling I was forgetting something (you ever do that?). I get to the end of my street and realize I didn't have my purse or cell phone in the car. They were both on the counter, so I was a few minutes late for work. My phone is my lifeline, can't live without that because I had lots and lots of errands to run today. I enjoyed lunch with a coworker that runs the First Start program at Longwood Elementary, and we did a little shopping together too.
I will have some time off soon though. The past few days I have been getting packages ready to be mailed to family and working on my Christmas cards. Those all went out yesterday and today - hooray. Tonight I am finally setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house. The only Christmas shopping left is for my sons. I hope to actually schedule an appointment with my hairdresser one day next week :) I'm way overdue.
That's about all the news for now. Looking forward to some down time very soon!