Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's New!!!


I know it's been a long time since I've given an update, but things have been hectic, and I didn't have any real news to share. We have started a completely new line of products to appeal to the men. They are cute and nice for ladies to. We are now introducing Car Air Fresheners. They are available in different shapes and scents. We have Pine, Clover, Cilantro, Leather, Vanilla, Cinnamon Red Hot, and Eucalyptus. They are available at Baker Tire Service in Baker, FL or through us. They sell for $1.50 each and will last approx. 3 mos. - just about the time for your next oil change.

I have also added some new candle scents. You can now purchase Eucalyptus Mint, Baby Powder, and Fresh Bread. I have ordered more scents to try, and they will be available next month.

We had a craft show scheduled for today on Main St. in Crestview, but we didn't attend because of the rain. I was very disappointed, but past experience taught us it would not be worth all of the trouble. We are scheduled for two craft shows in April and looking forward to those. They were very successful events last year. More details on those to come.

I will try to keep up with updates more often!


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