Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wow - It's been awhile!

Hello Everyone!
I didn't realize that it has been so long since my last post. I really need to get back to blogging. It has been a really slow summer as far as my business goes, but a very busy one for me personally. I don't think I sat down for very long at all. I was able to enjoy the beach more than I ever have and spend lots of time with special friends.
I am back at work now at the school and have already reserved booth space for 4 craft shows this Fall. I did 8 last year, but I'm not so sure I will do all of the ones I attended last year.
My sales at Yesterday's Treasures have been steady all summer. I am running a special there now through Christmas. It's the best sale price I have ever offered. You can buy 3- 10 oz candles for $30, regularly priced at $12 each in the store. You can buy 3 - 6 oz candles for $15, and they sell for $6 each. You can always purchase these from me also at these prices. Just check out my website and drop me an email with what scents (flavors) you would like and what size.
I need to run for now, but I will post updates more often! I will let you know where to find me each weekend at the upcoming shows! I hope to see you there or hear from you!


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